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Can Brain Performance Be Improved?

Posted By: goldspring on August 3, 2010 at 5:12 am

Is it possisble to improve brain performance?

Science says YES.

Why is it important to train our brain?

Similarly to our body, our brain needs to be trained as well. Even if we are healthy, we must think of maintaining our cognitive capacities and also improving them as much as possible.

According to an ancient saying we are like a chair with three legs. One is for the body, the second for the mind and the third one for our soul. They only work well together. If one of the ‘legs’ gets damaged, the others will not function well. They can help and serve each other.

Physical Education, for example, contributes to maintaining not only a nice and fit body, but improving cognitive performance as well.

How to improve brain performance?

Results show that improving cognitive capacity at any age is possible by applying regular training. An amusing and scientifically proved way of exercising the brain is available for everybody who feels its importance. About 25 million people use it every day.

By doing these games the program offers people can enjoy themselves and at the same time they can increase dendritic connections between neurons in the brain. It will result in better memory, flexibility, problem solving ability, quicker thinking and better attention.

Results show that even five years after training one can produce better brain performance compared to untrained people.

I found this amazing information a month ago and have started to train my brain since that very moment. I enjoy it very much and by this daily 20-min training I could improve my BPI (brain performance index) with 44,6% (my BPI 23 days ago: 438 and today: 791).

I hope more and more people will benefit from this program.

If you are interested in this method, just click here and enjoy the program FREE for 3 days!

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